HOBY NY Metro Junior Staff

Enthusiastic, Energetic, and Outstanding.​

Our Junior Facilitators are an essential part of the HOBY Leadership Seminar. They are charged with supporting Senior Facilitators and members of the Program Team throughout the seminar weekend. Their energy and genuine desire to inspire their peers is the glue that helps bring together a group of unfamiliar ambassadors and create a strong group identity. 


To be considered as a member of our Junior Staff for the 2021 HOBY NY Metro Leadership Seminar, you must meet the following prerequisites (* Please note given the virtual environment of our 2021 seminar, some of these requirements are subject to change *):


  1. Be a HOBY Alum
    Applicants must be a HOBY alum and under 21 years of age. Applicants do not need to be an alum of the HOBY NY Metro chapter.

  2. Log Volunteer Hours
    Service and volunteerism are the foundation of HOBY’s mission and core values. All Junior Staff are required to log at least 100 hours of volunteer service over the previous 12 months leading up to the seminar. All service volunteer hours must be logged and submitted to HOBY International. Click here to log your service volunteer hours with HOBY.

  3. Fundraise! Fundraise! Fundraise!*
    Year-round planning and fundraising is required to cover the overall cost of each seminar. Accepted Junior Staff members are required to raise at least $400, which will not only cover lodging and meal expenses but will also cover the registration expenses for a student ambassador. The more our Junior Staff help us to fundraise, the more we can provide support to our HOBY Ambassadors in attending the Leadership Seminar!

  4. Contact Your High School
    All Junior Staff are required to contact the Principal or Guidance Counselor at their high school to confirm that a representative from the Sophomore class has been selected and registered to attend the 2019 HOBY Leadership Seminar.


If you are interested in becoming a  member of our Junior Staff for the 2021 HOBY Leadership Seminar, please contact our Co-Leadership Seminar Chair Sixto Ivan Arias